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Body Painting

The Best Body Painting Service in Austin, TX

Here at Color Cartel, we don’t go for creating anything that isn’t exceptional or outstanding! You get the ultimate chance to stand out after our body painting services!


Body Painting is a type of body art where a design is painted right onto a person’s skin. Body paint comes in various types where the paint can last ranging from a few hours up to a few weeks. It’s temporary and is built for almost all skin types to ensure there are no skin reactions. If you’re looking for some real party entertainment at your next event, Color Cartel can transition your design idea into something more tangible.

Body Painting for Your Next Event

Perhaps you’ve got your bachelor party coming up that needs an ‘out of the box touch’. Or you’ve got a unique marketing idea for your corporate event that incorporates body painting to really stand out!

Color Cartel specializes in giving you the best body painting artist who can take an intangible idea and turn it into a unique piece of art! Moreover, to really spice up the entertainment element, we even provide live body painting services so that it’s an experience really worth remembering!

When you take up our services, you don’t sign up with a typical agency but instead, with the people. We believe in swift and direct communication with our clients along with bringing a fun element to all the work we do!

Get in Touch with Us

When it comes to body painting, we’re here to serve both private and corporate clients. We’re well known for our work ethic and are trusted by some of the biggest Tech, Motorsport, and Luxury Hotel brands. Our work is always within the allotted budget and we’ve never missed any of our deadlines!

We can provide you with our body painting services in the following areas:

  • Austin

  • San Antonio

  • San Marcos

  • New Braunfels

  • Buda

Don’t wait! Just call us at 512 256 6444 or leave a message on our website. After that, get ready for the magic to happen!

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