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Bring Your Story To Life With Book Illustrations

You’ve spent months, or even years perfecting your novel or short story. You’ve developed the character arcs and thrown in plot twists. But in looking through your work, you feel like something is missing. Could it be the book’s graphic designs element?

Color Cartel transforms the words you’ve painted on the page into illustrations that help to tell your story. By taking time to understand the tone and voice of your story we can deliver quality, beautiful book illustrations that you’ll love.

A Book Illustrator For Every Story

We handle illustrations for all sorts of materials including:

Children’s books

Picture books

Comic books

Graphic novels

Interactive eBooks


Training manuals

And much more!

Pictures Tell A Story

It’s a cliche because it’s true, “a picture says a thousand words”. Images compliment text like music compliments a motion picture. By hiring the right illustrator for your book, guide or novel, you’re even better able to convey emotion and sentiment than you are with words alone.

 Color Cartel’s Book Illustration Services

Of the many artwork and illustration services we provide, the following are most often requested by our clients:

Children’s Book Illustrations

Color Cartel understands the latest trends in illustration styles, including watercolor, etching, and graphic design. The result is vibrant, vivid images that capture the attention of younger audiences and stimulate their minds. We align our color palettes, composition, and style to match the theme of the book, and we work with the author to create the best layouts.

Picture Book Illustrations

Color Cartel uses Adobe Creative Cloud and Procreate, along with traditional and digital illustration techniques, to create images that tell your story and captivate young minds.

Comic Book Illustrations

We excel at capturing the comic genre’s nostalgia while pushing artistic boundaries. Along with comic book illustrations services we provide lettering, word balloons, characters, and backgrounds that reflect the digital nature of the modern comic book.

Book Cover Illustrations

Color Cartel ensures your book’s first impression leaves readers wanting more. From genre, fonts, colors, and illustration processes, we bring everything together to create a one-of-a-kind book cover.

The #1 Book Illustration Company In Southern Texas

Color Cartel is the most creative and skilled book illustration company in southern Texas. Our portfolio is as varied as the many authors we’ve helped, and we want to help you too. Call us today at (512) 256 6444 and let’s get started!

Color Cartel serves the following Texas areas:

San Marcos
New Braunfels
San Antonio



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