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Transform with Austin’s Creative Business Decor

Stand out with beautiful, original business decor and hospitality decor. Color Cartel helps companies in the Greater Austin area transform their spaces into unique works of art. 

Your room is a box, and Color Cartel’s job is to think outside of it. We’re muralists with a mission: transforming plain spaces into true art. Whether it’s beautiful business decor that entertains or hospitality art that welcomes, we create commercial murals that bring attitude and playfulness to blank walls. Coming from our own street-grown methods and styles, our urban graffiti flavored hospitality artwork is original, unique, and creative. Color Cartel’s pieces come with a love and energy that immediately sets them apart from other hospitality art companies. 

Art That Defines A Space

Brilliant business decor goes beyond beauty. The way flow, color, and scale are used create the attitude of your brand - crisp and modern, rough and organic, or gentle and warm. Your selection and collection of pieces tells a story about you. Great art is a bonding experience between the host (your brand) and your employees and guests - it’s beyond words and slogans. Color Cartel has developed services and styles to help transform your walls into magnetic connections.


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Show Your Clients Your Own Style

Commissioning original commercial murals helps you stand out in a world where too many brands are prepackaged and sterile. Our artists will consult with you about key concepts and moods, using the physical space for inspiration. We’ll then design a painting that not only looks amazing, but is also truly original and new. 


Professionalism is a key part of our work ethic at Color Cartel. We never miss a deadline, and we are upfront about cost from the beginning, so you won’t have any hidden surprises. And when you work with us, you’re also supporting art in your local community. Every year we donate a new beautiful mural to schools and organizations that are performing crucial services. 

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