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Fascinating Character Design And Graffiti Services In Austin, TX

Color Cartel’s graphic design services in Austin, TX, are renowned for their boldness and attention to detail. When it comes to our character design service, Color Cartel’s own dynamic duo ensures that they design the character just the way you had imagined.

The Role Of A Character Designer


Every artist follows their own process to create a character. The entire process is very complex since a character designer only gets a briefing about the character.

It is left to the designer to conceptualize the character and play an illustrator's role to draw up the outlines and put the finishing touches. It takes a lot of skill and eye for detail to design a character from scratch that best matches the description.

Color Cartel: Creating Impactful Character Designs


Our approach to character design stands out from the rest. To begin with, we never base our characters on any celebrity or copy them from any model sheet. Our experience with graffiti and street art lends us a unique perspective into character building. 

Keeping the original idea in mind, we let our bold playfulness and edginess take over. We personalize the character design to meet your requirements. Our character design portfolio is a testament to how impeccably we have brought the characters to life!

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By delivering character design projects on time and within budget, we have earned a name for ourselves. We work with our clients directly without involving any agency, which leads to transparent and efficient communication. 

Due to their trust in us and our quality of work, our clients have always returned to us with repeat business for our character design services and more, including digital, wall graphics, or book illustration work.

We provide our character design services in all major locations near you, including:

  • Austin

  • San Antonio

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And anywhere in and outside of the Texas state. 

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