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Corporate Party

Stand-Out Corporate Entertainment In Southern Texas

We’ve all been there. A corporate event featuring party entertainment which is safe, traditional and… boring. Why not hire corporate entertainment that brings unique energy and genuine excitement to the event? Why not get your employees genuinely excited about your company culture and where they get to work?

Color Cartel is an entertainment company that provides a unique corporate entertainment experience – live graffiti performance artists! Give your employees the rare opportunity to see a graffiti artist at work and to watch a piece of art come to life. Using environmentally-friendly H2O aerosol cans and a commanding stage presence, our artists use art in action to bring people together and to create an unforgettable experience.

As the stigma around graffiti has faded, people have begun to accept and appreciate it is a radical form of art unique to the urban environment from which it developed. No longer seen as an art form for dissidents, graffiti is now featured in mainstream culture. Featured in high fashion brands and commissioned art pieces, graffiti artists such as Banksy have gained worldwide acclaim as legitimate, socially impactful artists.

Color Cartel: Corporate Entertainment For Hire

Color Cartel is a production company that brings live corporate entertainment to corporate events, product launches, public exhibitions, and branded events. We’ve engaged and inspired thousands of guests by turning walls into murals and putting on a once-in-a-lifetime show for groups of all sizes and ages.


How It Works

Usually when you hire corporate entertainment you’re left to coordinate logistics, supplies, and more. But at Color Cartel, we take care of everything. From murals to painting equipment to the paint itself, Color Cartel takes the stress out of hiring corporate party entertainment and makes it an experience your guests will never forget.

Where Can Color Cartel Perform?

We don’t just paint walls. From floors to doors, canvases or cars – if it will hold paint, our artists can turn it into a canvas. And because we perform anywhere, we can turn almost any setting into an outstanding and unique backdrop for social media that helps your company really stand out.

Your Corporate Entertainment Agency In Southern Texas

Color Cartel is the premier corporate entertainment agency in Texas, and we’re proud to provide some of the most unique and inspiring corporate event entertainment in today’s market. Ready to get your employees excited about your next event? Give us a call at (512) 256 6444 and let’s get started.

Color Cartel serves the following Texas areas:


San Marcos

New Braunfels


San Antonio


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