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Graffiti Is Not Art.
(It is the ancient practice of leaving one's mark and spirit.)
...Until An Artist GRabs A Can.
(Color Cartel has entered the building.)

Looking for a graffiti artist or muralist with experience and clarity to lead you in the creation of your new mural? We’ll crush your next big wall for you. We’ve performed live in Vegas and crushed mega-sized guerilla ad campaigns in LA; we are always ready to do something new! Don’t do it alone, don't wait for 'the idea' - we’ve got you.

For years, we at Color Cartel have dedicated every day to taking inspiration from street art, graffiti, modern art, pop art, and the muralism movement. Today, we are a collective of prominent professional graffiti artists who have worked with everyone, from private collectors to real estate developers and name brands. Our number one priority is to make you, the client, impressed and excited, so don’t be afraid to go big with your mural project! 

Dont Mind the SEO: Contact Graffiti Artists for Hire

We are Austin street artists with a well-known history of big urban projects. With a box of spray paint cans, we can brighten up any area! We’ve learned from some of the greatest urban artists around the world and adapted the methods and techniques that magnify our expressive style in its various forms.

If you want enriching, edgy, original art, bring us on as your graffiti artists for hire. Our lines and colors create a new vibe to your hallway, office, or other space. The gratitude for the adventure and our passion for creation are, in our opinion, what it takes to be a street graffiti artist - and this is what drives us to keep our culture alive!

Choose Color Cartel as your Graffiti Artists for Hire!

If you’re ready to brighten up your environment, your life, and your wall with a stylish new look, contact Color Cartel. We are just a short drive from Austin, San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and Buda, TX.  Color Cartel can help you leave your mark through a custom mural.

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