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Graffiti Workshop in Austin, TX - Learn how to spray paint

Graffiti Workshop in Austin, TX - Learn Spray Paint

Facebook, Google, AirBNB, and many other companies have flown employees from all over the world to learn from and find inspiration in Color Cartel's graffiti classes. 


Sometimes the goal is shaking up a small design team and getting their creativity flowing. Other times it is for rejuvenation, entertainment, or the breaking down of mental barriers in a shared social experience as a large group. 

Graffiti is, fairly, known for the adrenaline rush. Less known, is that the mural spray painting aspect of it is a therapeutic, full body creative exercise. It is a challenge, but the results are open ended, and there is great satisfaction in the creative process.

Creators are on their feet and moving their whole body to create lines and shapes. As graffiti art becomes a mainstream trend, more people, and even companies, are interested in attending these graffiti workshops. 

KIDS: If there will be toddlers and small kids, let us know ahead! We may be able to bring micro-sized spray cans.

ON SITE / TALKS: If you would rather bring Color Cartel to you, email us and we'll set up a visit to your city.


Why Should You Consider Art Workshops Organized by Street Artists?

Graffiti artists are problem solvers by nature. They have a fresh approach and a demonstrative manner of explaining their technique. When you attend a graffiti workshop, you will enjoy a simple and hands-on experience, which will not overwhelm you even if you are a complete beginner.

You can attend art workshops on your own or with a group of friends or co-workers. Thus, you can spend quality time with your partners or enjoy original and innovative team building. And, at the end of the session, you will take home your drawing or painting.

Graffiti Workshop in Austin, TX!

Color Cartel was founded by authentic graffiti artists. We work with individuals and companies and offer our art workshops for clients living in:

San Antonio

San Marcos

New Braunfels


Discover a new hobby and tap into your resources of creativity by attending our graffiti workshop! Call us now: 512-256-6444!

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