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Why Should You Decorate Your Headquarters with an Office Mural in Austin?

Color Cartel is a team of authentic graffiti artists who can transform your company headquarters with a bold office mural in Austin that will create a more pleasant workspace for your employees.

Most CEOs and company owners would not consider hiring a team of muralists to redecorate their office space. However, office graffiti has become more and more popular among businesses in various industries. Instead of looking for a painting or a photograph that matches your brand image, you can have an office mural created especially to fit your corporate identity.


A graffiti artist has the talent, skills, and experience to create corporate graffiti that takes into account:

The image you want to create for your business;

The available wall space;

The quality of light (natural or artificial).


Thus, the end result will be a 100% original painting or mural that beautifies the office space and represents the values your company stands for.


Advantages of Working with a Graffiti Artist to Create Your Office Mural

Street art is now recognized for its value. There are many examples of famous graffiti artists, like Banksy or Michel Basquiat. And this is why the corporate world has started turning to urban art to decorate offices. Among the benefits of authenticity and originality, decision makers found out that working with a muralist is a smooth and streamlined process.


Instead of working with an agency to find a painter, you can hire a street artist who will communicate their ideas directly to you. The mentality of these artists is to find solutions, not dig for problems at every corner. Plus, the end result of their work has the distinct vibe of urban art – original, edgy, and thought-provoking.

Meet Authentic Corporate Graffiti Artists in Austin

Color Cartel is a team of two genuine street artists, specialized in various types of urban art, from office graffiti to outdoor advertising and live events. We understand the importance of creating workplace decoration pieces that set the right mood for productive work and represent the brand image of the business.

Don’t be like every other company purchasing stock corporate artwork for your headquarters! Hire us to create your own original office mural and boost your brand image! Areas we serve:

Austin , TX

San Antonio, TX

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