How to think when Approving a mural

Painting a mural, particularly a large mural, is a serious physical endeavor. Nikki and I once painted a 2000 square foot mural on a ceiling. That and another 2000 square feet of wall space needed to be painted within a strict 15 day deadline. This meant we'd be spending most of our waking hours holding our hands over our heads, and our bodies bend backwards looking up and painting for two weeks straight. We hired personal trainers for the two months prior to get our bodies ready for the odd task, because once the window to paint opened, we wouldn't be able to stop until it was done. We finished in 13 days. For good reason, much is discussed about the technical feats required to scale and paint a mural, but often overlooked and unconsidered is the mindset behind the art concepts. People who are not artists usually see objects as being what makes up a piece. An artist sees emotions. It's less about what things are in the mural, and more about what effect the mural as on it's environment.