Texas A&M /APSE. 

Let's Grow Old and Colorful Together


In 2014, Texas A&M made history with APSE and his work by being the first university in America to host a solo gallery exhibit of a graffiti artist.


We thank Cory L. Arcak, the Texas A&M Visual Arts Commitee Chair, for bringing the idea to us and for the many generous accomidations and experiences. And a huge thanks to Eric Washington for making contact with us and for hooking us up with a fun night on the town of College Station, TX. Also, thank you to Kaley Gross and the rest of the comittee for the hours you spent setting up the gallery and promoting the show. Without you, the show could not have happened, let alone achieved it's remarkable success. Thank you! -APSE & SAUR


My bedroom smells like paint and ink

but I wish it smelled like you

I heard the storm but wished I heard

your breathing all night through


Your pictures sit atop my desk

and make u seem so near

until they make me realize

you're somewhere, just not here


They're shadows while you're somewhere else

I keep to mock myself

I want to feel your presence here

In sheets, not on my shelf


I'll see you in ten hours more

But something here is wrong

For me to wait to see you next

Till tonight, seems far too long


I want you here, to rest with me

Each night when light has gone

You'll wake each morning in my arms

and live a sweet love song


If things go like I think they will,

After sleeping all night thru,

I'll wake to smells of ink and paint

mixed with the scent of you 

"Scent of You" -APSE

A kid with can

And a man with a thought

A rodent by night

That has yet to be caught


Of all the kings horses

and all the kings men

none could return

with the monster named Tens


But I caught him myself

And I hold him alone

This monster of artistic

didactics gone wrong


Don't encourage my monster

I've got him at bay

Bound with my mind

and commitment to stay


My temptation persists

And so does my will

If I never give in

Then he'll never kill


The city is mine

And I'll save it alone

Suppressing the monster

By foregoing the thrown


The pride of release

was never quite worth

the price of destruction

And calling on earth


So soon I'll present

my case before God

I'll show Him my monster

And He'll look at me odd


And ask where I got

such a colorful fright

I'll explain how he came

from a dumpster one night

"Tens the Monster" -APSE