Graffiti artist’s exhibit explores relationship stages

By Jigar Patel, October 22, 2014

Graffiti artist Andrew Horner returns to Texas A&M with an exhibition that he created specifically for this show, titled “Let’s Grow Old and Colorful Together.”


Kaley Gross, MSC Visual Arts Committee chair, said the artist will be mingling and talking to his visitors during the opening reception from 7-9 p.m. at the Reynold’s gallery in the MSC. 

Horner said his work focuses on the progress of a relationship.











“Everybody talks about the romance of growing old and grey together. What I really wanted to focus on, with this exhibit, is growing old and creating memories or becoming something more together,” Horner said.

Gross said the exhibition in the MSC is inspired by Horner’s wife, who is a beautician.


“It is really very interesting because the pieces are in order of the stages of a relationship, so by the time you are at the back wall you have seen the five stages of the relationship.”

Horner said he and his wife collaborated on some of the paintings.

“I have a painting which has us being old together,” Horner said. “[in it] we have tattoos all over and what not. We don’t actually have tattoos, but they are symbolic of what you become, the experiences that make you.”















He said he was not looking to push a specific message so people can take something from it themselves. 


Gross said such exhibits do not happen often in College Station.

“This is the first time we are having graffiti art here,” Gross said. “Andrew is bringing something we don’t have in College Station to College Station.”














Horner said graffiti is an important medium.

“Graffiti is one of the most transparent and honest forms of art,” Horner said. “It is not as much about being a better artist than someone else. For me it is how I make people feel, and I believe that I have an extra level freedom with graffiti art.”


Austin Clara, Aggie Theatre Chair, said the art brings a unique flavor.

“It is definitely the most inspired and original piece of art I have ever seen,” Clara said. “It is very different from anything we have ever brought to the VAC.”