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For Inspiring Graffiti Classes, Book Color Cartel in Austin, TX

Take part in graffiti classes provided by a team of two artists from the Color Cartel. Learn the fundamentals from the professionals who are constantly referencing these same basics to create masterful murals and graffiti art.

Do you want to learn basic graffiti techniques with street art classes or private lessons? Learn with a professional graffiti artist to create the lines, shapes, and culture of graffiti. 


We introduce kids and adults to the hidden world of graffiti.

  • Walk the street and discover the ever-changing graffiti world.

  • Learn about styles, artists, and counterculture. Ask all your questions!

  • Get hands-on experience of fundamental spray can techniques and go home with a new piece of art.


Andrew ‘Apse’ and Nikki ‘Iva’ from Color Cartel teach graffiti step by step, showcasing this street craft with simplicity and fun. Our art classes are not only about teaching beginners how to draw graffiti with spray paint. We can unlock the secrets of modern mural art right in front of the audience.


Why Choose Color Cartel for Graffiti Classes Service

You can always go to a painting school and take lessons with an art teacher, but if you want to learn how to paint graffiti, this here is your graffiti school. We are focused on the erupting artistic phenomenon of graffiti and muralism and giving you practical advice on how to become a muralist.


Are You Searching For Graffiti Classes Near You?

Book a graffiti art lesson at Color Cartel in any of the following areas: 

  • Austin

  • San Antonio

  • San Marcos

  • New Braunfels

  • Buda


And anywhere else in the world. We just needed to list some specific cities for Google reasons.
We will bring our knowledge of graffiti techniques right into your backyard or business location. For help planning large groups, private experiences, and other tailored requests, email or call us.
Feel free to contact our team to schedule your graffiti lessons and discuss the details today!