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Graffiti Mural Art

Color Cartel's powerful atmosphere-altering paintings are not accidents. We understand our history and keep our fingers on the pulse of the future. Our process has been honed by painting in every imaginable arena from 10-minute speed painting performances to up-side-down ceiling murals spanning thousands of square feet. Our works reside in collections from Saudi Arabia to NYC; from the famed pages of Architectural Digest to super-niche automotive design magazines.

Like powerful music, our style is both original and referential. Our progressive creative practice and work ethic arose from graffiti, a world of resourcefulness and adventure – one without excuses or gatekeepers. Beyond painting, we curate an atmosphere: elegant and edgy, wild and romantic, filling spaces with visual serenity and visual adrenaline. Our collaborators include automotive and motorcycle brands, such as Ferrari and Ducati, interior designers with boutique hotels, such as Kimpton and Marriot, architects of exotic homes, and often home and small business owners themselves.

Don't Mind the SEO...
When it comes to mural creation, we have mastered a wide variety of different styles: modern, contemporary, pop-art, abstract, minimalism, graphic and illustration. We are muralist painters who believe in authenticity and integrity above all else; we discuss with our patrons the art form they connect with and provide a surprisingly accurate concept rendering. As much as it sounds like generic marketing speak, think of us as your “turn-key” muralist for hire for all residential and commercial murals. We make this easy for you and exciting for us. 

We are based in Austin, Texas and have easy access to San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Buda, TX and the surrounding areas.

For the Google lol  “Muralist Near Me”

We are based in Austin, but if you’ve been seeking a “muralist near me” elsewhere we’re only a flight and an AirBNB away. That’s nothing! We are graffiti artists turned professional muralists with deep industry experience creating memorable and impactful artwork. When you begin your search to find a muralist, there are a few big factors in determining the right fit for your particular space. Send us an email or call us today, and we can discuss to see if our methods and styles are the right fit for you and your wall. Our muralist prices depend on size and level of detail. We can work with any budget over $2500.

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