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We Offer Professional Muralist Services in Austin

As graffiti artist, Color Cartel uses whatever styles and techniques to best suit your mural to your particular space. And, as professional wall muralists, they do more than paint art; they are curating an atmosphere. Elegant yet edgy, Color Cartel murals span from funky to romantic. Whether smooth or rough, each piece is brewed with the charming personalities of APSE and Nikki.

The Color Cartel collaborates with many professionals (including contractors, interior design firms, ownership, management, curators, and hospitality consultants) to come up with the most compelling artistic influence possible for their venues.

We Are Muralists for Hire

When it comes to mural creation, we have mastered a wide variety of different styles: modern, contemporary, pop-art, abstract, minimalism, graphic and illustration. We are muralist painters who believe in honesty above all else; we discuss with our clients the art form they prefer and ensure we execute the exact concept. As your one-stop-shop for all mural projects, you can also count on us as your muralist for hire for all residential and commercial murals. We link up global brands, public organizations, and real estate developers with graffiti painters for all kinds of mural tasks.

Color Cartel has collaborated with designer hotels in SF, Vegas, Portland, Nashville, San Antonio, et al.


They often work with many stake holders (including ownership, management, hospitality consultants, interior design firms, contractors, and curators) in the process of production to create the most powerful artistic influence possible for the venue.

We are based in Austin, Texas but frequent San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Buda, TX.

Stop Looking for “Muralist Near Me”

We are professional muralists with in-depth experience to create memorable and impactful artwork. We are sure that among our presented works, there is one that will make you want to find a muralist. Send us an email or call us today for a wonderful experience. Our muralist prices depend on size and level of detail. We can work with almost any budget.

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