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Live Painting
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Imagine the excitement of watching a large graffiti art masterpiece come to life right before your eyes. As the paint sprays or paint markers glide across the canvas, and a visual anthem unfolds, leaving you in inspired. This is the magic of live painting – live art – and it's exactly what we offer. 


Live painting, our creative entertainment service to you, is perfect for adding a touch of creativity to any event – festival, conference, expo, or party. Our professional graffiti artists will set up their freestanding walls and create a masterpiece right in front of your guests' eyes. Indoors or outdoors, we take care of everything from delivery to assembly to removal, making sure that your event runs smoothly and without any hassle. 


We held our first live graffiti painting Las Vegas, followed by Chicago, and then we brought that vision back to Austin, TX. By creating with brands such as Ducati, F1, and NASCAR, we show that this is not just art to us graffiti artists and street artists – it is high-performance action. We sometimes even get a DJ involved and have a live graffiti battle!

We create new concepts every day, and we have many options ready for you to pick from. If needed, we can work with you to incorporate a brand, product, or theme into the live painting. We have years of experience in creating stunning visual anthems that captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're looking to add an exciting element to your press event, circuit race, or mega party, our live painting will be a killer spectacle and generate entirely new conversations. Contact Color Cartel to learn more about our live painting services and how we can help take your event to the next level.

For Creative Party Entertainment, Hire Color Cartel!


We provide spectacular interactive wall murals activities to our patrons’ events taking place in:

  • Austin

  • San Antonio

  • San Marcos

  • New Braunfels

  • Buda

And actually anywhere in and outside of the Texas state. 


Ready for a graffiti party or still have questions to ask? Don’t hesitate to call Color Cartel today!

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