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Live Painting
For Events & Festivals

Entertainment event planning is no easy task, especially when you want to offer your guests something rare and fascinating for everyone. Interactive street art, performed by a professional graffiti artist, can make for a creative and memorable event for you. 

Whether you are looking for party entertainers for adults or want to organize a graffiti birthday party for your kids, rely on the Color Cartel crew. Our team artists will do what graffiti artists do best – crush big walls fast. Why settle with a cliche event entertainment when you can experience wonder and excitement of larger-than-life creativity so rarely visible to the public?


Party Entertainment Services That Make Your Event Stunning


The Color Cartel first performed their live graffiti entertainment in Las Vegas for an international audience of design professionals. We did it again in Chicago. Then Panasonic filmed our live painting to show the world how their camera captures our colors and action. Already famous in Texas, we decided to make interactive murals painting available to everyone as a party entertainment service.

By now, hundreds of people have already participated in our graffiti entertainment events, so we know exactly how to connect with CEOs and employees, journalists and marketers, friends and family. From bachelorette party activities and corporate team building events to entertainment for kids, the Color Cartel team always wins the crowd. Choose our services for your graffiti themed party and feel the difference made by a killer event entertainment from the Color Cartel team.

For Creative Party Entertainment, Hire Color Cartel!


We provide spectacular interactive wall murals activities to our patrons’ events taking place in:

  • Austin

  • San Antonio

  • San Marcos

  • New Braunfels

  • Buda

And actually anywhere in and outside of the Texas state. 


Ready for a graffiti party or still have questions to ask? Don’t hesitate to call Color Cartel today!

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