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R34 GT-R BM X CC_CoronaCamera001.png

"Inspired & Original"

“..Definitely the most inspired and original piece of art I have ever seen...”

“...Very different from anything we have ever brought to the VAC.”

- Clara, The Battalion


Grunge Rock



Sounds Like Liberty (Podcast): “Careers in Color with Andrew Horner.”


Wallpaper Magazine: “Eclectically San Francisco

THE EAGLE (TV): Graffiti Artist: Andrew Horner (APSE) 

Grey Magazine AwardsDESIGN REBELS. Risk-takers and Innovators who Push Design Forward

“Portland’s Top 10 Cool and Unusual Hotels”

PLAYBOY TV (TV):"Groove Phoenix, AZ"

[Coming Soon]

THE HUNDREDS: "Surplus Candy- Austin (SprATX)"

GOOGLE AD (TV): "For Austin"

CAMINO (TV): Los Angeles 

[coming soon]

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