2020 Pricing



33-40 / square foot

Build | +4/sqft

For temporary wall construction or Veneer application 

 ADD Artist | +1200/artist (after first)

 For live event or collaboration requests

 TalL | 10/sqft (>12' from ground)

For addional insurance/safety equip


93 / guest

Experiences can be tailored for your group.

We introduce you to the underground graffiti scene, and discuss the art, artists, and culture. Then we spend some time painting together. We'll provide materials. Little ones 2 and under are free. Protective shirts, gloves, shoe covers +10/guest. 


1050-1650 / piece

 Permission to Duplicate | +40%

Includes permission to make shirts, banners, etc.

 Vector Illustration | +20%  


.5 - 1.0 / square inch

Oversized | +.05/sqin. 

A canvases is oversize if it is (A) 49"+ in both hight and width, or (B) >109"+ in hight or width.  

Speaking Engagements

Contact to discuss your needs. We've given 30+ talks together and separately. We have done workshops for love helping with youth 

intervention programs. It is always an honor and a fulfilling experience for us to be asked to be a part of these

Clear Coat/ Masonry Primer/ Sealant: We have no particular specialty in this. +3/sqft.

30% due up front to begin work. This is a retainer, and is not refundable. The remaining balance is due upon completion. 

Projects under 1000 may require payment-in-full before beginning work.

Projects that haven't begun painting 9 months after retainer payment, and have no clear or reliable start date, may be considered abandoned and canceled, and the retainer will not be refunded. 

Prices reassessed with portfolio growth semi-annually.