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Graffiti Team-Building Activities for Companies In the Austin Area

Coming up with fun team-building activities can be hard. You don’t want to schedule the same old-hat activities, but you still need team-building workshops that are effective at bringing out your team’s strengths and flaws. That’s where Color Cartel can help. Not only do we offer professional party entertainment, graffiti classes and mural services, but we also create corporate team-building activities your whole office will be talking about for the next year. 

Art is One of the Most Effective Team-Building Activities 

Group team-building activities help your employees bond as they learn to recognize each other’s skills and work styles. And everyone is excited to learn graffiti techniques. Color Cartel’s customized team-building programs are tailored to fit your desired group dynamic. We’ve found creating art together, an inherently emotional experience, can help your team open up to each other, forging partnerships, and fostering a sense of team achievement. 


We can design team-building activities for both students and adults. No matter what kind of group you have, learning graffiti and street art appeals to both the young and old. Art brings people together in a way that is community-based while encouraging individual input. Designing a large group mural can teach the valuable skills of group planning, community agreement, and role designation. And when you’re done, your team has a permanent visual symbol of what their hard work together can create. 

Who We Are

Color Cartel was created by real graffiti and street artists to share the medium they love with the world. From corporate team-building workshops to beautiful public murals, we believe in the power of art to build a better space, even if it’s just one street corner. Call us today to explore our creative team-building workshop options. We serve the following locations:


  • Austin, TX

  • San Antonio, TX

  • San Marcos, TX

  • New Braunfels, TX

  • Buda, TX.

Our Services

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